BFL News 600GH/s 28nm four weeks delay

According to the latest news sent via email by BFL. Indicated that the 600 GH/s or also the 28nm Bitcoin miner will be delayed for another four weeks. This is no surprise to many people. However the news is, BFL indicated in their email that they will offers a full 100% refund or get a free upgrade in performance, meaning that you will get speed close to 1TH if you preordered a 600GH/s. The email will be sent later, not today. Who knows when, as BFL appears to have their own types of calendar and estimate. For some reason they think 4 weeks is faster than 2 weeks, and as in 4 weeks to them is 4 months on their calendar.

Based on the Bitcoin News lately, with the MtgOX issue, with the news of exchange business shutting down and loss in profit and failure lead to suicide of a young CEO tied to Bitcoin. Bitcoin price drop very low now and kept on dropping. People whom have preordered BFL equipment 28nm probably will take the 100% refund, if that email will ever get sent out.


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Monarch Production Update
The initial power consumption numbers for Monarch are in and they’re about 20% better than anticipated, meaning we expect the Monarch to consume 0.45W/GH at the chip level. To put this in perspective, this makes the Monarch chip nearly twice as power efficient as compared to our 28nm competition whose products operate between 0.9 and 1.0w per GH at the wall.

Unfortunately to go with the good news is the announcement of a 4 week delay as of today’s date. To compensate for this delay, we’re offering full refunds or free performance upgrades up to 250% depending on your place in the queue. You will receive an email shortly clarifying which benefit applies to you.

Read entire production update post
Performance Upgrade Option
The ‘Imperial Monarch’ is our performance version of the standard 600 GH/s card. Upgraded cards are capable of performance in the 1 TeraHash range (+/- 20%). This remarkable performance is achieved by using only ‘A’ grade binned chips from the production line, coupled with performance tuned water blocks cooled with a 120mm radiator. The water block system is closed loop and requires no setup or maintenance.

If you qualify for a free performance upgrade, your Monarch will be automatically upgraded. If you don’t qualify, you will be able to purchase the upgrade on our website. Upgrading to the Imperial Monarch will not effect your place in the order queue. Once the upgrade order option is available, an email will be sent to all qualifying customers.
The ‘Imperial Monarch’ performance upgrade
The ‘Imperial Monarch’ performance upgrade
BitSafe Hardware Wallet Update
Bitsafe DeviceWhat’s a BitSafe? The BitSafe is a hardware wallet for secure storage of your bitcoins. Because the BitSafe is a dedicated hardware device which isn’t directly exposed to the dangers of the internet, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your coins are safe from the viruses that can infect computers and cell phones.

The BitSafe has been in development for over a year and has gone through many stages of evolution. We’ve now come to the 3rd prototype stage. It’s final form is complete and manufacture of the parts for initial release are underway.

Can I Pre-Order a BitSafe? Frankly, no. We’ve decided not to offer pre-orders at this time as our production schedule is not yet firm. Once we’re closer to release we’ll consider allowing pre-orders but we’re more likely to make the BitSafe available through stock sales alone.
What can I do with a BitSafe? The BitSafe is a full featured hardware wallet device, meaning it can both send and receive bitcoins as well as provide cold storage backup and restore functions.
For more information and to get on the BitSafe mailing list, visit our BitSafe webpage.
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