Bitcoin BTC at an all time high? why?

A lot of people new and old, are asking why Bitcoin price so high and kept on rising, in fact it’s over $300 at one point today based on mtgox, bitstamp and even campbx. So in addition to the reason why it rise up to high, typical obvious reason is a lot of investors buy Bitcoin which forcing it to go up, but why? Well it’s hard to say, but developments on Bitcoin ATM machine and so on has been in progress, but some already available in convenient store.

So basically what causing Bitcoin BTC price rise is due to a lot of people are buying it, or some rich person purchased a large amount, and reselling it, or simply day trader.

Talking about the technology of Bitcoin, it has been working well. No one was able to cheat or break the code, exception to your Bitcoin could potentially be hacked, stolen. However that has been fix as well, newer wallets would protect your Bitcoin from being stolen, whether storing it securely in an advance data center exchanger with guarantee hacking protection. Or simply storing it on your cell phone or mobile device or locally on your computer with a password, so that it cannot easily be hacked.