Bitcoin BTC difficulty level rise to 50,810,339.0483 previously at 30mil

OK guys, here is the fact, if you still mine using GPU, you’re either don’t know about this difficulty level, even with free electricity, GPU mining is a total loss. USB Eruptor ERR, FPGA board ERR, Jalapeno BFL ERR. You need at least one of BFL unit at least 25G/HS otherwise you’re just wasting electricity. Litecoin mining might be alternative, but it’s still struggling! yes DDOS

BFL not going to get you profit by the time you get your Butterfly Bitcoin BTC mining equipment, the difficulty level rise so high the you will not be making any profit, probably $100 a month. Jalapeno can make about $50 to $100 if anyone have it on hand, per month. KNCminers might be your best bet! they’re shipping in October 2013. Anyone with Buttferly equipment back order not shipping by this time period of September 2013 you can say good bye to your BFL miners because once KNCminer released, the difficulty might be at a level where your BFL miner mine at $20 a month profit. So you better take action and talk to Butterfly lab, when you get your equipment will you even make $1 a ┬ámonth after KNCminers released their equipment.