Bitcoin BTC down down down in the 80s now will continue to fall

GPU miner, if you haven’t quit yet, now is the time before it’s way too late. Either switch over to Litecoin mining or sell your GPU before ebay will get flooded with GPU for sale bid auction. As I have predicted BTC will continue to fall some people thought it was stable at 150s, err wrong!, stable at 100? err wrong, my prediction on earlier post was it’s going fall due to various factors mentioned. Furthermore, projects related to Bitcoin such as ATM machine has been halted or didn’t get much attention at all to the media, so not much publicity.

My prediction is that Bitcoin will continue to fall and reset itself to lower than many people anticipated.more investors are worrying and a much higher risk to buy. However I’m not saying that it will ¬†continue to fall forever, I believe it will rise back up again some day, but not anytime soon, as more and more ASIC miner, Bitcoin miner hardware are being manufactured and shipped putting the difficulty level rise to a level that it’s impossible for GPU miner and FPGA and USB Eruptor to mine efficiently these equipment will be obsoleted, even those Jalapenos will be useless just a piece of metal pretty soon. You got to have a minimum of 100GH/s miner in order to make money soon!