Bitcoin BTC going up a little now

Despite last week or the week before crashing real hard, it went up to $250 or more then crashed down to below $100 to double digit, now it’s heading back up. I wonder if this is the real trend pattern, it goes up high because someone purchased a load of it, then sell it right afterward making it crashed, I wonder if that’s how it work.

To me, I do care, but not as much as those folks who purchased it with their hard earning cash 🙂 I have Bitcoin because I mine Bitcoin, electricity cost pretty expensive and need pay off the hardware, but I’m selling any yet, hope it will rise to $250 again and then I might sell 10 BTC or so, that should be enough for me to pay for electricity I guess the whole year, then I can overclock all my GPU to mine more Bitcoin. As for the hardware bill, I have already done the 24mos 12 mos 6mos no interest payment locked in, so I set aside some money for that.

As for the ASIC from butterfly labs who knows when they ship it, I ordered in early March 2013 and I don’t expect them shipping it anytime soon based on what I read on many blogs and forums on BFL Butterfly Labs is a scam, I think they will ship but don’t know when, hopefully by that time I can still mine and make some money.