Bitcoin level of difficulty or miner 37,392,766 previously at 27 million

With the Bitcoin price not going anywhere, beside sliding down and down once in a while, the Bitcoin mining difficulty level had also rise. I don’t see how people can make a living mining Bitcoin with GPU? there are only a handful of ASIC miner hardware out there, Jalapeno from BFL not going to make much couple hundreds a month, I guess still not bad. Forget about GPU mining, you’re loosing money paying for electricity.

The next level difficulty will be at 42million which is not too far away, and by the time people get their BFL equipment 30GH 50GH they will also be making just bare hundred dollars a month if the Bitcoin price doesn’t go down below $100. KNCMiner might be the only hardware that might be profitable make a good living Bitcoin mining for the next few years. Now is a good time to invest in KNCminer and hope you get within 6 months, otherwise the difficulty rise and the money you invested will be a loss.