Bitcoin mining GPU miner better quit now today! difficulty level rise to 20million

The difficulty level for Bitcoin mining had risen to over 19 million, for many that only have GPU as miners, and paying for electricity, might want to consider selling your GPU machine now, immediately before it’s too late, too late mean that ebay craigslist amazon will be flooded with used GPU for sale, you will not be getting much money back from selling your GPU.

Sell your GPU now and replace it with ASIC, even the USB Eruptor flooded ebay, average price about $300 a piece, the lowest I was able to get was $290. These ASIC nearly use much electricity, I use my labtop USB port without any external or additional power and it mined fine, so USB power from laptop is sufficient. So whatever I’m making with these USB eruptor it’s pure profit 🙂

If you don’t have money but possibility of getting a zero interest credit line for 16 months or so, if you do the math calculation, borrow $5k or so, you can get 17 USB eruptor ASIC miner and can mine at a speed of 5100mh/s, you would be making  $416 based on current $100 per BTC at the moment. If you take $5k divided by 16mos or so no interest to pay for your credit card, you would be paying $312 a month, and you pocket $100 a month,  I know it’s not much, and probably it will decrease further as the level of difficulty increased and the bitcoin price dropped. At this point, people, i think it’s better to quit mining, if you have Asic on order, then just wait for it to come start mining again, since the electricity cost, the level of difficulty rise and the drop in Bitcoin price you could be in financial trouble, better to buy Silver or Gold as a better alternative investments than Bitcoin!