Bitcoin value on the rise again as high as $115 today

Although there are still a lot of speculation on the Bitcoin value will go down deep back to where it started or official government will interfere and disrupt Bitcoin currency, however already confirmed that the government will not shut down Bitcoin but they’re watching it closely, maybe one day they will regulate it, but once again no plan of shutting down Bitcoin, if you follow Bitcoin news you would know this.

Anyhow, the Bitcoin value rise today to $115, hope to get to $250 one more time soon, but it doesn’t appear like it. People whom purchased it at $70 or so a few weeks ago or months ago, would be profit a bit by now, and maybe consider to sell if you’re a day trader. However it is highly recommend best to keep it and forget about it for 10 years, there might be a very good chances that it will go to thousand of dollars per BTC, so consider that :). Some of you I know will say that you will sell it now and wait for it to go down to $70 a gain and buy again, but what if it doesn’t go down, it will keep going up and up? As of today not too many people know what why how make the price of Bitcoin falls and rise? off course it all depend on the volume trade buy or sell, come on now, but that’s not the real answer. Stay tuned 🙂