Can a person make a good living online?

This is pertain to online work that is not related to a real job working from home for a company with a project scheduled deadline and a boss or bosses. This is for online work such as click advertisement to get paid, writing blog, participate on surveys, forums, run bots on computers and mobile devices.

Well, to me the answer is yes. In fact I have experience myself. Today I’m doing Perk TV, very legit and pay very good with gift cards you can exchange for cash. Mining Bitcoin and other cryptocoins, makes good coins few months ago, not today, but still going, since Bitcoin is long term. Blog like this, and get some money from Google Adsense, I many blogs, not just this one. Run a radio server to broadcast music and talk show, prerecorded that is, get money by advertisement. Run bots such as Bing reward, Hitleap, Jingling and so on, there are methods that get you more money. Create website based on wordpress, quick and easy. Reviews or talk about stuff or compile videos onto youtube get paid per view.

Basically it’s still possible to make a living off the internet, no need to work for someone else. You can be your own boss, most of the time it will takes effort and dedication, but you set your own hours and be your own boss.