has been working nicely for everyone

I’ve google search for information about Dollarsflowsystem, it appears so far to be mostly positive. However as always, do not invest in money that you cannot afford to loose. No doubt this is another HYIP but they are currently paying, but hard to say how long it will last, some may say it will last as long as the investors keep on reinvesting for new investors invested. Sounds like HYIP, topcapitalist, geniuscapital, coingeneration, coinbeez, and so on doesn’t it? Well so far I don’t see lies yet! No tricks, lure, gimmicks or anything like that, perhaps soon? but not at this time.

There is a person written a very well short summarize comprehensive methods of paying with this. Here it is from the MMG forum. This make a lot of sense, and certainly better than I can word, which I have tried and not as good as this. So folks please use this as the guideline on all your future investment. working well no scam gimimcks tricks and lure so far working well no scam gimimcks tricks and lure so far


Once I join a program, it is then up to me (just as it is up to everyone else)
to implement some level of risk control along with some self-discipline.
This simply means that I will withdraw my principal asap and then make
one of the following 2 decisions….

1…….resist the greed factor, withdraw all of my funds, leave the program
and be satisfied with my return.

2……..use earnings in excess of my principal to continue with the program
and hope that it establishes longevity and, therefore, an ongoing additional
income stream.

The major determining factors that separate the winners from the losers in the
HYIP arena are these……

1 – The time they enter a program. Earlier is always better than later

2 – The amount of funds they choose to place with any given program as
soon as they join

3 – The ability to manage their accounts properly