Multiple questions and answers to re-assure members is not a scam

My questions below are for a number of reasons, and honestly I don’t expect them answered. This post will probably be deleted actually. I expect to be called a non-believer and be told to be patient.

The population here cares about the limits you impose on higher tier accounts for their profitability. Also, providing information that there is actually a business here would be great. Finally, any information showing this is not a ponzi scheme would be awesome. The questions that I think would put us all at ease are the following:

1. Do you promise to keep the cap of division account managers at 1000?
2. What is the limit for regional account managers?
3. What is the name and website of the business selling this computing power?
4. Is buying referrals random or do you assign the least profitable ones first?
5. What kind of company with the kind of balance sheet you have would not hire a quality professional for a normal rate and rather only pay someone $75/week to create 3 advertisement videos?
6. If you really wanted to incentive users to get more sign-ups, you wouldn’t make them pay to be regional/division managers. Please describe your rationale for this typical ponzi scheme business decision?
7. Will you show a sanitized copy of your wells fargo bank statement to prove you actually have $208,954.43 as of 10/1/2013?
8. What exactly is advertising compensation?
9. You state LLC ownership is for division managers. Where is a copy of the operating agreement that discusses these details?
10. Hassan no offense, but your PR skills need improving. The tone in which you tell members to be patient and how you refuse to argue with them is condescending and passive aggressive. With that being said, you stated that the launch is scheduled for on or AROUND NOV 10. Why not just set a comfortable date rather than have a scape goat again?

For #10 I know why. They want to drive up sales of division accounts, then when the max number is reached, increase the ceiling and delay the software one more time. After another 1-2 months of this, IPUS will disappear with all their money in normal scam fashion.

PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTIONS AND PROVE ME WRONG. If this had merit I would love to be on board.

1. Always promised a max of 1000 Division Accounts.
2. There is no limit for regional managers
3. Same Website – Mass selling has not begun, core selling has.
4. Purchased referrals are completely random.
5. We don’t need to advertise at all. We didn’t even pay the $75
6. LLC Ownership – profit sharing – these, plus other benefits of upgrade, are worth money
7. We will show profit & Loss & Balance sheet. Not giving account numbers or transaction history.
8. 25% of your costs to advertise, as long as you get our approval first.
9. If it were up to me – the owner – I would have no date stated at all. Business starts when it is ready. As everyone is restless, the 10th sounded reasonable.
10. This is why having a forum is either really, REALLY good, or just a magnet for naysayers and lousy to have exist.

Now watch – The above are reasonable, truthful, complete answers. Watch the resposes – and you will see why I rarely make comments here.