What if SolidTrustPay STP no longer support dollarsflowsystem.com?

For USA based investors, online HYIP that is, it’s been difficult. EGOPAY, PAYZA and many others payment processors no longer support US based users. So the only option is to us SolidTrustPay STP. However lately we’ve seen that’s a challenge also. Operators of HYIP having some issue with it.

Taking dollarsflowsystem.com for example, if you’re US based investors, the only way for you to invest paying or depositing money to DFS is to use SolidTrustPay, which takes days to deposit your fund then deposit into DFS if you don’t already have initial funds. However you could do exchange with a private party, he/she will take your paypal for example and give you STP funds, with a fee off course, so it might be better this way, however be careful of more scammer stealing other’s account to send you money in the end you will get in trouble, so maybe best to deposit your fund to STP from your bank, and then to DFS, then if something happen like DFS don’t work, you can request dispute to get your money back if it hasn’t been 30 days yet.

So now DFS still have problem with API or automatic functionality that allow automatic deposit and withdrawal instantly. However DFS did announced the problem and they’re working to rectified it, and continue to manually approve and send payout, no big complaint from the members community so far.

So the question remain. What happens if STP no longer support USA based users? Then USA would be totally off investing online HYIP? seems like it.