My review of the The Hobbit movie “The Battle of the Five Armies” thumbs up for action

This edition of The Hobbit “The Battle of the Five Armies” to me is pure action pack, best scenic realistic pictures. It is best to watch on big screen HD blu-ray to get the best out of it, because there isn’t much dialogue story line to follow, just have to watch the pictures 🙂

Again highly recommend watching either in the theater near you, or ensure to down 720p at least, but highly recommend 1080p or blu-ray version, then watch it on a big screen 4K or equivalent TV to get the best out of it. Otherwise, you will fall asleep quick due to pure action if not seeing the pure action pack. Sort of like playing World of Game, that you probably already see on commercial Kate Upton, the lady in white leading the armies of warriors.

This eddition of The Hobbit, “The Battle of the Five Armies” also had kind of a sad ending. Many characters died, not the soldiers off course, they all died, but each sides has sacrificed but the end all the bad guys died or retreated, the Hobbit went back home found his home was auctioned thought that he died after going away for 30 months without a trace. I believe this eddition follow by “The Ring” or “Lord of the Ring” where his nephew got a hold of the ring and started new adventures.