TruGreen please stop bothering us knocking on our door

I do appreciate all the TruGreen workers employees contractors and so on spending their time, stopping by, knocking on our door during busy time dinner time my kids time, but! please you need a system for your workers employees whoever representing you to keep track and records of homes that you’ve already knocked on or visited or talked to already, it appears that you don’t have a good system on that, and it’s irritating me and a few other people in the neighborhood. Sure I can say no, and close my door, but not everyone can do that without feeling bad for the guy.

TruGreen, you really need to keep track which house you already visited on already for the season, at least a month or something. What we got here is I’m being visited by TruGreen almost every other week now and I don’t appreciate that. You need to keep better log, either you don’t have a good system or your employees staffs aren’t following directions, they visited my house and probably never marked as already check with this house. Very irritating. If you can’t find a solution, I can give you one good recommendation, have an option on your website where people can go in and sign their name home address as DO NOT BOTHER list.