dogecoin payout problems?

To be fair, I will share a respond from cointellect.

Name: Daniel Filipe Fonseca
E-Mail: [email protected]
Subject: CoIntellect
Message: Hello! How are you? I was reading your articles about CoIntellect and I found many inaccuracies.

I realized that you think we are a scam and we are cheating our customers. But that is no true.

I would like you give to us the contradictory. We can make an article for you where we will explain why we are not a scam.

If you prefer, we can do an interview and we will answer all of your questions and doubts.

I will wait for your reply to my message.
Yours Faithfully

Daniel Filipe Fonseca

It appears that many users encountered problems with payout at However specifically for dogecoin payout other than required credit card # and personal information, check your dogecoin wallet, re-resync with the network as needed to see if those transactions came through. The transactions I’m talking about here is payout from dogecoin to your dogecoin wallet.

A few people reported that users were using dogecoin multi bit wallet and left it on 24 hours a day 24/7 and when cointellect make payout, somehow the dogecoin didn’t appear in users dogecoin multibit wallet. So resync your dogecoin multibit wallet if you didn’t see your dogecoin payout from cointellect. Give it a few hours, sometime up to 24 hours maybe depend on the network confirmation requirements.

For many people don’t see their dogecoin in their wallet at all after receiving success payout messages from cointellect, maybe check payout dogecoin address and contact cointellect, they might or might not will be responding to you, but doesn’t hurt to try. There has been reported also that the payout is very slow, and also payout problems, it’s ongoing issue at cointellect they need to address the issue to ensure if there are payout problems, admit to it, and fix it, and ensure that everyone will get paid or fixed.