Shut down your cointellect coin miner you’re paying more for electricity

To be fair, I will share a respond from cointellect.

Name: Daniel Filipe Fonseca
E-Mail: [email protected]
Subject: CoIntellect
Message: Hello! How are you? I was reading your articles about CoIntellect and I found many inaccuracies.

I realized that you think we are a scam and we are cheating our customers. But that is no true.

I would like you give to us the contradictory. We can make an article for you where we will explain why we are not a scam.

If you prefer, we can do an interview and we will answer all of your questions and doubts.

I will wait for your reply to my message.
Yours Faithfully

Daniel Filipe Fonseca

OK folks, it’s time to shut down your computer or turn off and uninstall coin miner Once you uninstall the program, do a complete scan on your computer to ensure you don’t have any viruses and stuff. Why? simple answer, you are now paying more for electricity than running coin miner to mine for dogecoin. The earning from running coin miner wasn’t this bad a couple weeks ago, then it got worst and worst, sure you can say it’s the price of bitcoin falling, I don’t know about this.

Bottom line, the amount of electricity use to power your CPU GPU to mine dogecoin at running coin miner, no longer profitable, it’s a loss, and don’t expect dogecoin price will rise anytime soon, if you look at the terrible performance of bitcoin price.

Let’s us forget about the scam, phishing attempt, and so on from although it may be true, the real issue here is that you’re using power electricity to run coin miner and this software does indeed uses a lot of CPU resources, I don’t know about GPU appears to be fake, only CPU. So with the CPU at 60% or more, more like 90%, you’re using a lot of electricity and it’s hurting your computer performance you can’t do anything else. Do yourself a favor, you’re earning a few cents a day, but you’re paying three times or more than that amount on electricity, does it make sense to keep it running? no, off course not, why would anyone want to pay $1 to get 25 cent back? and the earning decreased by weeks, 25 cent become 20 cent, 15 cent then you know where it will go.

So please, if you don’t believe me, at least do some research, do your math. Strongly recommend everyone with coin miner software running for do the math, you will see that you’re loosing money, somebody have to pay for electric bill. It does not make sense to make 25 cent and you have to pay $1 for electricity.