version 1.8.10 gave your computer Low Hash Rate you can no longer mine?

That’s right folks, a few people from blogs and forums are saying that they were forced to upgrade to latest cointellect (coin miner) version 1.8.10, they did and now they can no longer miner dogecoin because of message saying Low Hash Rate performance on their computer, some the people have i7, i5 CPU and reported same problem cannot has anymore. People have tried to reboot the computer, still same issue.

This appears be when the existing computer resource allocate were below 50% and it got locked at that point and when new software upgraded it required 50% or more resource for the coin miner software but since it was locked under 50% at 20% maybe for most computers that’s why it’s not working. So a few folks already messages support@cointellect and waiting for their respond.

A way to fix this might be to clear cache, removed the software and all related data, and re download the version again, and install it. It will be a fresh install, so it should have the cpu usage locked capped as default when start up. Just a wild guess. Let see what others saying.