new software update 1.8.10 are you making less and less coin now?

Have anyone noticed that every time there’s a software update to, you will get annoying pops up messages a few days, and then you were forced to update by shutting down, download and reinstall again? Yes indeed, the old version will not even run, so you will indeed be forced to update and run to generate doegcoin again. But wait, what’s the new update about?, well many confirmed that every time they run new version of the software, they make less and less dogecoin, it’s similar to the difficulty level changes, or risen, so maybe the difficulty level of mining risen that’s why you’re making less coins? don’t know, but will see.

Also, anyone know what the software does? well most likely it is indeed doing something using up our CPU, GPU, ASIC doesn’t appears to work by the way, if it work then it just mine dogecoin which you can mine elsewhere for a lot higher profit than The pops up messages nagging your to update upgrade has a count I believe. Meaning that every time you clicked OK or bypass it, it count as 1, and by certain # of time you clicked, it will force you to upgrade. However this could be triggered remotely also, we don’t know for sure.

Now, on my previous blog, I said that I will invest in the 10 days contract, well I tried but failed to pay by Paypal Credit card, wouldn’t take it. Will have a new update specifically on this subject.