controversy is it a scam or just jealousy from other innovations?

Today I have decided to create a new category for my blog. The new category is I will be blogging about cointellect its new services on mining scrypt dogecoin alone. Since all the negative and positive already been discussed on many websites blogs and social media, I will mainly focus on the actual test.

My plan is to register an account, anonymous that is, randomly. Test the mining software they have on my i3 desktop computer and will have a daily update. In addition I will invest in a 10 days mining contract, and again will update on this blog on the progress.

Next step I will be investing in a 90 days contract, and again will keep everyone posted. So stay tuned.

If you followed my blog on high yield investment program, also known as HYIP, ponzi scheme, scam, fraud etc. My research were accurate on major scam hundreds thousands of dollars from people taking advantage of bitcoin technology. IPUServices scammed a smaller amount of money from members whom fell for it. Coinbeez the same. Then we have the, this one is different, but most likely from the same folks whom scammed many people with fraud like IPUServices Coinbeez and more. appears to have similar concepts, so call HYIP with a twist, just like, have very intelligent educated operators in term of writing skills, publishing fake or lies news but yet very effective making people believing in the program. Same with, the person whom had been going around answering posts in responding with very aggressive tone defending its cointellect business.

Anyhow, stay tune folks, I will have updates, just like I did with coingeneration, ipuservices, coinbeez, dollarflowsystem and so on.