Will iphone 5 usb lightning charger data cable work on iphone 6?

Short answer: YES, the iphone 5 usb cable so call lightning charging syncing will work on the iphone 6, confirmed on Apple website.

If you’re after the larger model, check out our iPhone 6 Plus release date, price and specs roundup. Just as rumours had suggested before the handset’s unveiling, the iPhone 6 will go on sale in the UK on 19 September, with pre-orders set to begin on 12 September.

A quest to find out and I’m not sure yet, since I don’t an iphone 6 at the moment. It was a loss for many people that the iphone 5 uses different cable than the previous Appled Iphone generation, such as the iphone 4, iphone 3 and lower, they all uses the same usb charging data cable. Unfortunately the iphone 5 started to use a different USB cable w/ 8 pin on the to the phone end, the usb end remain the same, although there were some talk about reversible usb, meaning it doesn’t matter which side you plug in; today we have to plug in the right side usb port.

I did some research on ebay, and look like people are selling them already. They’re selling iphone 6 usb lightning charger data cable, and according to the description, it said for iphone 5 and iphone 6, so there you go. Unless those sellers on ebay don’t know what they’re talking about, or just guessing that the iphone 6 will work on an iphone 5 cable as well.

Further research onto apple website, look like it’s a yes, that the usb charging data syncing lightning cable will work.¬†http://store.apple.com/us/product/MD819ZM/A/lightning-to-usb-cable-2-m

will usb iphone 5 cable works on iphone 6?

will usb iphone 5 cable works on iphone 6?