versus scrypt dogecoin pool unbelievable

Due to the recent price surge of Dogecoin, the mining difficulty of Dogecoin also risen.However as of yesterday or the day before, Dogecoin had taken a hit and price dropped, the difficulty of mining still remain same. So if you have even a 20mh/s machine, you were making $4-$5 daily before, but now barely $1 in USD. Some people wouldn’t look at it this way in term of USD $ currency, they focuses more how many dogecoins they can mine with 22mh/s, well that don’t work well either, let say about 2000Dogecoin is what you can miner with 20mh/s.

So what now? well, mine some other scrypt coin like LTC and convert to Dogecoin if you want Dogecoin, for most they convert scrypt to Bitcoin. Then for the explorer, looking for alternative, specially in dogecoin, there’s a site call People been reporting earning more mining here than any other pools, even using feasible still can be mine using a computer CPU. However your CPU would need to be able to hash at least maybe 5kh/s and CPU resources usage must be at 50% +, or more 100% 24 hours a day, and so you would probably looses some money on electricity. One thing to keep in mind is that is new, there has been a lot of speculation with some facts that they’re a scam ponzi scheme scam people with contract.