now required you to enter your credit card information and get charged before you can withdraw earning

OK so now it’s a little suspicious. This is something new, have not happened before, but today when some members goes in and withdraw their dogecoin earnings, users would get an error message preventing them from withdraw earnings from their The message tied to asking your to enter your credit card information, including the security code and so on, then your screen will flashes a few times, then it goes back to the dashboard and you can now withdraw your earnings. That was weird.

People reported that they went into their bank account and indeed saw money from their bank account got withdrawn by, small amount of $1.50 and up. So what’s happening here? The message from said that it’s a temporary transaction where the reversal would happen immediately but that didn’t happen. However it does have a pending status, not really gone from your account totally, I guess depend on your bank.

So watch out for now, they’re not really transparent, or have thorough communication with the members/users community of what they’re doing, or will be doing. Based on this fact, it is safe to say, start watching out for asking for your credit card information, personal information, home address and so on, could have it on file or collecting all the credit card information, and if they’re indeed bad, they would be using your personal information to commit crime and fraud.

For those of you whom entered your credit card information already, you should contact your bank and see what’s going on, see if cointellect is a real company business using real commercial merchants for credit card transactions. Definitely watch your financial information bank account activities if you’re using the credit card payment method.