Unsuccessful purchase a contract with cointellect.com on a Paypal Master Credit Card

Just a quick update on cointellect.com contract I’ve been trying to purchase with a master card Paypal MC that is. However I’ve tried several times a day for 3-4 days already but unsuccessful, it kept giving me Wrong Card #, and I checked it over and over again, still a no go.

The reason I want to use Paypal Master credit card is because paypal have a very good fraud protection for buyers, no proof of delivery, fund will get reimbursed, good protection, highly recommend people to use, also you get notification for every transactions hit your credit card, and you can view it on paypal.com website and see the status. You can easily dispute with one click.

Now that I know for some strange reason, for sure cointellect.com somehow don’t accept paypal from Paypal Master Credit card for some reason, that makes me wonder why. I will try on a Chase Credit Card next, testing out 10 day contract and will update on another post in the cointellect.com category. Stay tuned 🙂