Cryptocoins Scrypt mining are more profitable than SHA256 bitcoin BTC

More and more people are now taken interest in Bitcoin, and you know Bitcoin also known as BTC, you would probably knows about other crypto coins like it. Or at least you would questions. It’s real, people do make money from it.

I blog this based on my own experience. If you’re thinking about buying a new Bitcoin mining machine. Think twice. Let say you spent $5k to get a good has rate bitcoin machine, but then now a day these manufacturers don’t ship right away, you would be on a waiting list. By the way many scammers out there taking bitcoins advantage making fake Bitcoin manufacturer companies to steal people Bitoin. So be careful. Extremely careful on spending or transacting sending your Bitcoins, you must know who you send it to, because it’s not reversible. Again if you buy $5k on a bitcoin machine to mine bitcoin, I strong suggest you spend that $5k on a scrypt mining machine and you will get probably 7-10 MH/s maybe and at this speed will get you your ROI back in a short period of time, shorter than Bitcoin mining machine for sure.

Again, look into scrypt mining, not Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin is at the stage where mining is no longer profitable, people can still mine bitcoin with whatever machine they have just don’t buy or spend anymore money on bitcoin mining machine. Whatever coins left will eventually get mined but again not profitable if anyone go and buy a machine today. Yeah Yeah you would say you can mine other SHA256 coins, but those are not stable coins. It is a lot better to get scrypt mining equipments computer GPU or posibly FPGA soon.