Dogecoin wallets recovery after Teamviewer account hacked

The recovery process takes so much time. It is due to the fact that synchronizing with the multidoge server takes time for each wallet, can’t just do all at once.

Here are some some tips on safeguarding your Dogecoin wallet even if it get hacked or stolen by someone.

  1. Add password to all wallets. Write the password on a piece of paper posted somewhere you can find it or simply some password that you remember for sure if you get brain injured 🙂
  2. Back up your *.wallet file. This is the least you should do is back it up. Optional if you want to export your private key, it’s simply use to recover your coins from chain, meaning even if you use multidoge, or whatever wallet clients, the private key file allow you to retrieve your coin despite whatever wallet programs you’re using, but I didn’t use private key thingie.
  3. Step 2 above, copy to your USB and CD/DVD ROM, burn a copy of it and keep it safe.

Doing the above steps, in the event that your computer is broken, and even if you wallet get hacked, you should still be able to retrieve your coins in the case the hackers would required a large amount of time and bruteforce to crack your wallet password. Could take them days even weeks months years for a very long difficult password to get cracked. However if you noticed or know your computer been compromised especially your wallet file has been stolen uploaded, then you should move your coins out of that wallet to a new one and repeat above steps.