Is Teamviewer still safe to use?

I’m still struggling trying to find out how my Teamviewer master account got hacked, is it an insider job at Teamviewer? Teamviewer server got compromised? or was it carelessness at my end.

First I don’t think Teamviewer is built to have holes for hackers to exploit and hack. I believe Teamviewer is still safe to use with caution. From my experience, use the following guidelines.

  1. Do not allow unattended access
  2. Do not auto start Teamviewer
  3. Do not leave Teamviewer unattended, meaning turn it on and never leave your eye off of it. Turn it off when you need to be away.
  4. Always have more than one antivirus programs running live scan. recommendation Malwarebytes and another one like mcafee.

With above guideline, I don’t see how anyone can access your computer without your permission? agree?