If it isn’t enough stealing all mtgox members account Bitcoin how a second wave of MtGox2014Leak.zip

Luckily for me. I downloaded the so call “MtGox2014Leak.zip” supposed to be a database of all MtGOx transactions and data of certain account members Bitcoin addresses and so forth so on, whatever it is, I didn’t get a chance to open it, and it’s lucky that I didn’t open it. However for people like me and many other tech savvy people whom known how to deal with unknown software data is to test it with a cold a computer. Cold computer mean it’s offline from the internet, it’s isolated from any home network, basically it’s a computer with fresh OS installed, one time use to test certain things offline, if however required to be online, that’s a different story. The safest way to keep your computer safe is to disconnect it from the network internet totally. You’re safe, unless someone physically stolen your computer then again that’s a different story.

Now back to the MtGox2014Leak.zip file that was leaked a few days ago or should I say maybe a couple of weeks already. According to PCWorld http://www.pcworld.com/article/2109000/bitcoinstealing-malware-hidden-in-mt-gox-data-dump-researcher-says.html The file was put together by hackers, and maybe perhaps the same group of hackers or affiliate to it that hacked MtGOX Bitcoin, if it isn’t enough Bitcoin they stole from MtGOX, if that was true, now those hackers wants more Bitcoin belong to the actual members or the curious folks. The files does contain database sql dump but also contain some binary files that will search your computer and possibly network computer for Bitcoin wallet and stole your bitcoin wallet and eventually all the coins you have, that was its main purpose, but could additional hacking function also, it’s a big file close to 700 megabytes so it can contain all kind of software malwares applications trojans and so on.

As always, it’s best to use at least two latest version, constantly updated antivirus programs and malware program. Keep it running all the time, if it’s broken fix it before using your computer.