IPUServices.com back on track while After90Days.org got hacked and website dead no one can access

Just in case you missed the news. One of the longest living HYIP after90days.org got hacked last night, and then went offline, and there isn’t any ETA or any communication at all from staff members indicating that it will be up and running again. It almost appears that they set this up as their get away methods, meaning they will never be back, taking off with everyone’s money and nothing you can do about it, because the payments processors that they’re using are non dispute processors meaning you cannot dispute, there is only one way money transfer, some body must have been careless enough to invest high dollars with this program or many people invested and after90days.org sees the opportunity to jump and run away and they took it. Anyhow, it’s gone, and very little hope it will be up since none of the staff members are sending any news update or anything like that.

OK so back to the IPUservices.com stuff. This program sent out an email several days ago, apology email on the delay and missing financial information and others apology related misleading information, and they promised to fix it. Well guess what? they did fixed it, now if you visit IPUServices.com website, you will notice that they now have the Financial data published. Whether it’s real or not is another story, but at least it’s there for people to digest and speculate. Could this be something like the forums they had it running and then many people said it’s a scam and then they shut down the forum? Anyhow, looks promising as of now, let see by end of October will they have the program for download and usage, if not that new coinbeez.com might be another one they would have to compete with.