IPUServices.com sent out an apology message email yesterday

Now this is what expected of them, to be professional, to be honest, well communicated messages. Instead of being bossy, instead of sending misleading information not direct. Transparency and being legitimate required those ingredients, being honest, being transparent, tell the truth, be professional.

From: IPU SERVICEs – News / Updates To: [email protected]
Sent: Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Subject: An Apology – Software Delay

Contrary to popular belief, the processing software we created is working flawlessly and is complete. We had every intention far a full launch DAYS ago, but we have run into an issue that we hope you can understand –

When any software is downloaded from the internet, your computer examines it to determine who created it. This is called a “Digital Signature” As we did not have a “Digital Signature”, the publisher shows as “Unknown” This, and the fact that the software was downloaded from the internet made every Virus Alarm go off.

Last week we allowed people access to download the software, and EVERY instance set off Virus alarms. Our software is not, and does not contain viruses.

On contacting both Symantec and Norton, we were told is was simply an “unknown file” threat setting off the alarms. A digital signature will negate this problem.

When you are a valid company releasing valid software such as ours, obtaining a Digital Signature is easy – is is simply a matter of proving who and where you are, and proving that you are a valid company. We have hired the services of COMODO to provide our digital certificate for our software. We at this point are simply waiting for them to finish validations, they then give us a certificate, and we can all download the software easily

This letter should have been written earlier, and this situation should have been explained. I personally apologize for not advising of this sooner. We cannot foresee this taking more than another 48 hours.

In the meantime…

Our Financial Statements are up – Check them out online!

We accept Credit Cards directly now.

REFERRAL SALE – We will lower the price to $3 per referral until all supplies are gone, in appreciation of your patience.