offline today? SCAM Alert!? disappeared!

Could this be it? today right now if you go to the website disappeared, without a trace, just simply not loading and in chrome it will say “This webpage is not available” This normally mean the webserver or website on the web server does not exist gone. Could this be it for

Let’s give it a couple of days and to see if it will go up again, because could have been technical issue such as DOS attach or hacking attempted. However the site design looks a bit similar to other HYIP that appeared one day and disappeared next day, such as instantproinv dulcebank malaysian thing and so on, all have very good reputation but that’s what attract more and more people to come in and invest and when it’s the right time for the owner to shut down and leave with the money he will! For folks that invested with SolidTrustPay might be able to get money back by email fraud department and hope that the money is still there (balance I mean) if not then you can’t the owner simply withdraw and disappeared. For EgoPay perfectmoney and so on, NO way to get it back other than contacting your and report fraud on the internet and when enough people reported, FBI will investigate with international investigation team similar how they captured megaupload people and tor.

Anyhow, too soon to speculate is a fraud, give it a little bit more time to see if it is indeed technical issue, as frequently happened to HYIP, most likely has DDOS or hacking attempt. So don’t worry too much. Hang in there for a couple of days and see, it’s not the first time I don’t think.