Latest activities development at they are paying?

The quick answer is, yes they are paying, but tricky, not everyone, not all the time. Currently the configuration they had in place does the following. It depend on the amount of threads you have, let say you have 20 threads, you will be able to withdraw payout successfully with $20, but with paxum – $1, and egopay if by luck you got payment, less fee.

Based on these facts, according to the users in the chat room, many of them reported got paid. had configured temporary payment logic to only payout to the amount of threads you have, 1 thread = $2, 90 threads = $90. You will no longer be able to withdraw your available balance as you will get error message. This we believe is temporary solution as it will change if funds are fully charged, restriction will get removed and you will pending payment approved and continue payment instant as usual.