16 years old? go get your driving permit and start to have fun

Sweet 16 as many say, probably a special before 18, but you’re still a teen. Many 16 years old would immediately go get their driving permit and start learning how to drive, but don’t be surprise if you scratch the paint, bump her and there and off course ding and din there, and the obvious get hunk and yelled by other drivers, so keep those in mind, it’s typical. Might want to buy a big sign that say “Student Driver” so that others can give you a break LOL.

My ultimate recommendation would be to start driving on a computer gaming software first get used to it, and then when you hop into a car it wouldn’t feel as strange, then just drive. You don’t need to spend money to get a teacher to teach you how to drive, however it is guarantee that you will pass or you don’t have to pay until you pass and get your driver license. Get an adult to sit next to you, but you would have to prove that you’re a careful driver, otherwise they’ll feel more fear than you, if anyone willing to sit next to you, that person must have really care about you and trusted you.