Newtown Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting killed many children in just a few seconds could have been prevented

Such tragic event occurred in Newtown Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary school, so many children died in just a few seconds or minutes after gunmen opened fire. My heart goes out to the victims and immediate family members. What I heard is this town is very quiet and safe, such event occurred isn’t likely to happen, but it did, and it gets the worst of it, that’s the fact.

security camera cell phone recorded newtown connecticut sandy hook elementary school shooting

security camera cell phone recorded newtown connecticut sandy hook elementary school shooting

Could have this been prevented? I think it could have been prevented or at least the killing or the dead would limited or less. This is my own personal opinion, I understand we don’t want to frighten children or put fear into their head, but we need to do better job on teaching children on how to react to gun shot, simple lie down and cover your head, don’t move! running around or trying to dug from bullets with other people probably not a real good idea, stay stay down as you hear the first bullet shot, you will have better chances of making out alive. It doesn’t matter what age anyone is, need to learn this since this type of event could happen anywhere, anytime!.

The faculty of this school should have done better job screening anyone coming inside the school during business hours, ask questions before letting them in, that is what the camera security remote door unlock is for, don’t let them come inside the office if they seems strange, again it doesn’t matter where. Now let say if the faculty made a mistake and let a killer into the school but then realize the mistake, stay calm, don’t yell, don’t disrespect the shooter, be nice! I’m thinking maybe this town everyone feel so safe and they don’t know how to react to the shooter mission or trust anyone going into the school.

Last but not least!, one shooter with gun, why aren’t the faculty there jump the shooter? throw a trashcan or something at him, learn some karate or kung fu or martial art move, one of you died to save the whole school, I think that’s a big accomplishment than letting the shooter all of you just by hiding or just say please stop stop don’t shoot! I’m sorry, I wasn’t there, and you’re not available to answer these questions or tell us exactly what happened, so I can only speculate. Time to change the security system screening visitors to the school!

So this could be how the world could end! or should we isolate, separate insane sick in the head people from regular people? the shooter appears to have autism.

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