AT&T have data roll over plan

Well actually I don’t know how long this has been going but for my account just now I received a message from AT&T that my plan now included the Data Roll over plan. In other word, for previous month any remaining data will be roll over to the next month. However it is for use for the next month only, it will not roll over to the next next month.

To further explain this roll over from my understanding. Let say month 1 I have 5mb left, it will roll over to month 2, but that 5mb will not roll over to month 3. For month 3, the roll over only will be from month 2.

Let take specific example. My plan included 300mb. Month 1 I only use 200mb, so I have 100mb left, this 100mb will roll over to month 2, so month 2 I have a total of 400mb to use. Month 2 I used 300mb, meaning I have 100mb roll over? NO wrong, doesn’t work that way. If you use 300mb month 2, meaning you have zero rollover, however in month 2 you could use 400mb. If month 2 you use 100mb, then you would have 200mb for month 3 roll over.

To be honest, this roll over sucks! People should not pay attention to this, could make mistake and hurt your month bill to over usage. This data roll over is not like the past where voice roll over keeps on accumulate months after months for a long time. This new AT&T data roll over really sucks! don’t even look at this, you will be sorry, because you will make mistake.