Cointellect Facebook Name isn’t an official cointellect support person FAKE

I was reviewing one of the forums that talks about cointellect and notice a post link to facebook Cointellect.Mining.Pool with this comment posted by Cointellect FB name.

I would like to know from you dear shibes, do you think i am doing a good job by being an unofficial Cointellect supporter, write you opinion in the comments and just maybe CoIntellect COO will consider hiring me!

It turns out this person with name Cointellect is simply affiliates person, or so we thought, we don’t really know. Cointellect really getting suspicious. The official website of cointellect is What are all those others social media websites, blogs, and domains? Are all those other websites that talks about cointellect pretending to be official cointellect are now all FAKE? So in the end the official cointellect website can say they’re not holding accountable with what others sites say since it’s not officially cointellect website?