Cointellect Mining Pool continue to have problems heading for third week

Anyone whom mined at Cointellect Mining Pool over the month, would likely to know this pool isn’t working, there’s all kind of issues with it. Cointellect Mining Pool started working properly then boom, it’s up and down, then getting worst disconnecting miners, not responding. For those that lucky enough to maintain the consistent connection will simply sat there and waiting for work from pools for hours and hours and sometime 12 hours and 24 hours and sometime just freeze.

Bottom line, Cointellect Mining Pool isn’t working, it’s better to point your miners elsewhere. Cointellect official website given no updates on what happen to mining pool ever since the problem started. The only news update were from FAKE cointellect support person name Cointellect facebook whom had been trolling and pretending to be Cointellect Support know it all Cointellect person. Well it turns out he’s a fake, not an official Cointellect support person.

In regarding to Cointellect Mining pool, the official website isn’t publishing any news or updates on when mining pool problem will be rectified. Only affiliates members published news are simply a generic news email probably copy and paste or modified with no detail, saying “we’re aware of the problem and working to resolve” Yeah for 3 weeks? not resolve, not improve.

For close to 3 weeks already, there isn’t any fix, if not worst performance from Cointellect Mining Pool. This is an enhancement version of running HYIP, making, forcing members to have no choice but either drop of mining pool go elsewhere, or join cointellect by sending them money and hope to get it back, chances are you will get back a little bit so that you can see it work but chances are also you will reinvest all, and eventually you will loose it all.

If Cointellect Mining Pool don’t fix this pool issue, it is clearly Cointellect is HYIP, manipulating members into investing money buying contract, because members have no choice, since cannot make money from mining.