Bitcoin continue to fall and stayed below $300 could be below $100 by end of 2015

Sad but true. Bitcoin could be falling to below $100 by end of 2015. As we’ve already see the trend of Bitcoin in 2014.

The trend in 2014 for Bitcoin was, up a little, down twice the up, then up a little, then again down twice the up, it kept on repeating. As a result today it’s below $300 from $700 at the beginning of 2014.

So what’s happening based on that trend? My guess is that people are selling to make go down low, then buy it again to make it go up then sell it again, keep on repeating the cycle. These investors are the one that have lots of money to invest to push the price up and down. Bitcoin no longer have long term investors, people whom buy lots of bitcoin one day from one exchange, might be cashing it out the next day from another exchange. Sad for those that believe in Bitcoin going mainstream, and for long term investments as Bitcoin continue to go down deeper toward below $100 by end of 2015.