Get Godaddy Domain Club membership if you have about 100 domains

For those folks that have many domains, and especially if you’re using as your domain register. It is best to purchase the yearly Godaddy Domain Club membership, you will save lots of money. However this applied only for those whom has many domains like 100 or so, or even close to 100.

If you purchase a domain from as non member normal price is >$10 even if you get special promotion code. However you might get lucky and the first year domain could be at 99 cent the first year but after that there will be no more discount, you will be paying full price or some promo code will get it down to maybe $10 but no more than that. Now if you pay $100 a year membership and you renewed 100 domains at $7.75 per domain, each domain you’re saving $2, 100 domains that’s $200 saving, and you only paid $100 for membership, you do the match and see the savings before purchasing the membership.

Again, I’m not affiliate to anyone, even godaddy. Just that I think this is a good deal for people who does websites and have many domains to manage. Godaddy have very good control panel and instant phone call support or call back. Very professional company that has been on TV and Sponsors many sports team.