BTC Bitcoin price up and up! despite all the negative predictions after Fed Gov auction

Well folks, as you already know, or aware. Monday is over. The week end is over. The 30,000 BTC Bitcoin Fed Gov in USA auction are over! what’s up? it’s UP that’s what.

90% of bloggers, even credible ones, predicted Bitcoin will drop in prices to close to $400 but no more than $400. That’s BS. As of now BTC Bitcoin is almost at $650, everyone prediction are wrong, well maybe the 8-10% are right based on IRC chat room #bitcoin price talk

This is proof that Bitcoin is immune to many bad news. Whether it’s arrest been made related to Bitcoin operation. Whether it’s related to Fraud SCAM hacking. Then few days ago, the US Fed Gov auction of 30,000 Bitcoin, completed, closed, no one know who won, not even a small leak. Don’t matter, Bitcoin price did not go down, in fact it’s rising back to $650 and hope to have trend continue to run.