Coinbase provides your full transaction history to the FBI, FinCEN and IRS every day. They are under a gag order.

For many of you whom are mining Bitcoins or other crypto currencies, you might have come across this link, even for those that don’t mine any kind of crypto currencies but following its activities might have come across this also. Basically, the title read “Here is a partial list of Coinbase user emails and their full names. Full list much bigger.
Coinbase provides your full transaction history to the FBI, FinCEN and IRS every day. They are under a gag order.”  Turns out to be a hoax, fake, scam, well at least according to Coinbase. I’ve contacted coinbase and confirmed that it’s not true, and they are working on monitoring this developments and activities from these hackers or whoever they are appears to be trying to sabotage coinbase exchange operations.

Many people when they see this pastebin article or data repository, immediately they panic and got scared, spread the wrong news without doing thorough research. The news spread fast these days with social media, such as facebook, twitter, and even mobile devices text messaging.  Be careful, don’t trust anything you see online. Unless it’s from a credible news media site, such as FOX, CNN and so on, at least they are more credible than others. Bottom line! do your research, before spreading rumors gossips and so on, it could harm others and ruin your reputation.

→Is this true?
Erik: No. Our engineers are aware of this development and concluded that the released information was not acquired through a security breach in our systems. Instead, the poster was already in possession of your email address and used our “Request Money” functionality to obtain the name given to our system on the Settings page of your account ( In order to create this payment request, the poster would have needed to obtain your email address from an outside source (e.g. another website). Although this is an intended feature, we understand that some users may wish to not disclose information to third-parties that are able to obtain their email addresses. As such, we are working on improvements that will give users an option to hide their name from other users.
→thank you, what a relief, so you don’t release our transactions to the IRS either right?
Erik: no we do not