Ever wonder what happened to the woman whom cut of her husband “penis” in 2011 Orange county California?

You might have heard cases like this before,  a woman cut off her husband’s “penis” due to his behavior? so what was his behavior? yes you guess it, he cheated on her, so bottom line it doesn’t give her the right to cut off his penis. LOL. OK so it’s not funny, I am a man, and I don’t cheat on my wife ok, I have better things to do, lots of better things to do lol, and I don’t believe those crap that you have to have sex to live a healthy life! that’s bull-crap! I can go out and run a mile a day or hop on a thread-mill for 15mins it’s more healthier than sex, oh prostate cancer? google it.


Anyhow, the story here is, what happened to that woman?. Well, she’s Vietnamese, and most Vietnamese wife are very faithful to her husband, some even allow her husband to cheat, as long as the husband doesn’t bring diseases home and bring home money for the family and doesn’t treat the family like crap!. However there are some Vietnamese like this woman, will go the extra mile to cut off her husband’s “penis” as revenge, with a kitchen knife, ouch! that got to hurt!, well now the woman get life sentence in jail, she’s in her 50s wow, now the ouch! the husband’s “penis” was put in the garbage disposal grinder, it’s a goner!. LOL 🙂 ouch! So all husband out there, don’t cheat, or this could happen to you, or should I say don’t married Vietnamese woman, you’ll be in for a big surprise later in the future LOL. Just kidding, most Vietnamese ladies are very faithful, don’t worry too much about it 🙂

Vietnamese woman whom knife off her husband's penis get life sentence

Vietnamese woman whom knife off her husband’s penis get life sentence