More updates and developments from website also known as Digital Generation

There has been a lot of updates, upgrade, developments, going on at, I think this is a good sign that this service will be a round for a while at least for my duration of 10 threads 🙂 I hope. One thing to keep in mind they don’t give refund after 7 days or so, let’s hope they kept on operating. The profit is unbelievable just leaving your computer running with their software running which doesn’t look any kind of bots or malwares viruses since the community had scanned it. Keep up the good work staffs we love you! 🙂

Due to important changes in our security system we are upgrading to EV SSL certificate. This process doesn’t affect your account in any way, once the certificate is issued a green address bar will appear in your browser, please make sure you access your DG account by using the valid and secure link.

PerfectMoney payments will be fully resumed on Monday (July 1st) – we are making required changes to our
business profile in order to comply with PM requirements towards US companies.

PayPal, Neteller & Skrill payments are coming along the way, we apologize for the delay implementing these payment methods but require all security checks to be completed first.

Development of our project is going according to plan and all things are under firm control. Portugal office will start working next week along with our international phone support center. DG management are taking required actions to improve the customer service and we look towards your comments and suggestions.

Last but not least, version 2.4 is using less resources right now than after the deployment just took place. We were running several tests to see how the system will perform in an “overload” scenario and can admit we are on our way to success becoming the largest network of such kind ever, congratulations to all!

Truly yours,

Digital Generation Management