Feedback from one individual in regard to status not scam yet?

Thanks Mr. R for sending this feedback below in respond to my comments about scam. Well currently it’s not a scam, there isn’t any confirmation it’s scam, well at least not yet! However as I’ve posted previously, the forum link that members are talking about, and these are real members talking, active members in the program, they’ve reported problems. Based on the problems reported by active members of the program, all I said was this is how HYIP work, the scam start when the programs have problems, and eventually problems became not resolvable, and eventually just to kill time to withdraw money cash out to bank, keeping members motivated and have faith news and progress. I certainly do hope that DFS isn’t the new enhanced HYIP scam, new methods of scamming. Similar to and, and same with new methods of scamming. So be careful! do your homework and get in and get out fast if you notice something suspicious.

Name: R
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Message: Hi,

I\’ve been accompanying your blog for some time now and i\’ve already contacted you once before, regarding IPUS.
Today i read your post on (DFS) and i feel like i must share some facts with you, highlighting that i\’m not saying that they are a 100% trustworthy company because it is impossible to be that sure of something of this nature.
This information was gathered from company representatives and members like me.

DFS is a closed group, they do not accept new registrations for several weeks now and will only open them again once inactive accounts have been deleted from the system. New registrations will be limited because the goal is to keep the number of members around 30.000.

There are some accounts that have suffered from technical issues and unfortunetely have been waiting a long time for them to be fixed. Some are still waiting. Support isn\’t the best in DFS but they show some results despite being VERY slow. These people with account issues are a very small minority in the system, i\’ve been using it since early January and never had a problem.

Payments are unavailable now until they regulate some problems with the payment system that started on the 7th of May, where many withdrawals and deposits were registered as pending and weren\’t being concluded. Withdraw requests done on the 7 and 8th of May were already payed yesterday and they say they are working to update all of them as soon as possible.

Payment problems only started less then a week ago and they have already payed 2 of those days. These payments are being done manually and we just came out of a weekend.
This is why i found your post a bit sensationalist.

It is true that all this stuff about the new site and the old one still having all these tecnical problems makes it frustrating to bear and can be scary if you still haven\’t recovered your investment, but the ultimate truth is that payment problems are less then a week old, with a weekend in between, and they have already payed 2 of those missing days.

The one thing i can say about this company, in comparison to others that i\’ve used, is that i\’ve never felt misinformed. I\’m a member in an official facebook group where the admins have direct contact with the company admin and have always kept us informed about the positive and negative things going on with the system.

I hope i could at least make the situation a bit clearer to you and if you want you can share it with your readers. Keep up your good work and try to be more objective without letting your feelings towards other systems cloud your judgement when analysing and researching new ones. I\’ve also been scammed before but i try not to have the habit of pointing fingers and making judgements at the first sign of smoke.

Best regards,