It is possible for Vietnamese from country side with internet to make some money online without the need to leave their homes

I was focusing on Vietnamese because I know a lot of poor family members and how much money they make working very hard. However after completing this blog, I noticed that these methods can be applied for development countries as well where they make average of $100 to $200 a day working hard, why not do alternative work on the computer with experience needed, just some guidance where to click and that’s it.

This is based on data available for year 2013. Studied shown that average Vietnamese salary a month is about $110 to $10 a month, there are some with $200 to $220, and the one that are lucky will get $400 to $500 a month working for a large branches companies. Most farmers with large farm land they can make average $250 a month.

OK so based on the available data, I would say $200 is average. This amount of money can be make online with a computer through various methods that required no experience with computer, no experience with marketing or know how to write or speak English. Just know where to click and with simple guidance someone like me LOL they can make $200 a  month. The only catch is that you need a computer with internet. Electricity to power the laptop 24/7 probably cost $3-4 a month, and the internet might cost a little more depend on the usage data, and off course some either get unlimited which cost around $30 for ADSL but that will give you unlimited data usage no bandwidth charge.

Let say you have those, (electricity, computer and internet). These are the methods I have tried and work great.

  1. make money simply by having the program run 24/7, does not use much bandwidth because it only download the ads image once in a while, keep it running.
  2. make similar to
  3. PTC programs (pay to click), simply click a few ads per day and get paid, but need to sign up to many of them and must know which one are reliable been a round for long time, otherwise they will shut down and run with your money. NeoBux, Probux, ClickSense,
  4. HYIP, High Yield Investment Programs, these programs work, but never ever invest a lot, never invest on the amount of  money you cannot afford to loose. Never ever invest more than the amount you think you can get back within a short period of time, such as 15 working days or 30 days the most, so that you can dispute and get your money back from certain payment processors such as STP, Payza, but not with Perfect Money, EgoPay, and so on those don’t allow dispute your money is gone.
    1. – invest $25 or so with Solid Trust Pay since STP allow dispute but don’t guarantee if fund gone your money gone. This company appears to be registered in UK and been around for 3 years, so probably safe to invest $100, that will give you $40 every 30 business days cash flow.
    2. – get 30 days free trial thread, once 30 days over, spend $20 to get 1 thread, you will be making $30 a  month for 12 months
    3. will launch soon, you will make average $1 a day if you leave your computer on, don’t worry no much power usage
    4. will also launch soon, and similar to Coingeneration except no mention of free trial thread yet.

Those are all the above methods for you to make money with a computer and the internet with no knowledge whatsoever with computers, writing blogging, speak english, read or anything to that matters, no education needed, your grandpa grandpa can do it, just show them where to click and they would need to do the task repetitively routinely each day and they can make $200 easily with all the above, factor out the electricity cost and internet they can make good income as average anyone else in Vietnam, but don’t have to leave their homes. Again the only catch is for someone like me to show you how quickly and need internet and a computer laptop which are cheap.

make money on the internet with laptop no education no knowledge of computers needed anyone anywhere in the world

make money on the internet with laptop no education no knowledge of computers needed anyone anywhere in the world

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