More people were killed with the South Korea Ferry accident than the Malaysia flight 370 went missing

I could be wrong, but as of now with the numbers of people missing from the Ferry ship that was sank in South Korea are more than the numbers of people on Flight 370 Malaysia Airline that went missing. It’s hard to understand how an airplane can go missing, now it’s even harder to understand how such a big Ferry ship sank, and the people couldn’t get out? where are the Emergency exit? why only one life boat was deployed? why people were told to stay calm and stay in one place, don’t move or run or go anywhere. If the the ship beginning to sink, people have better chances stay alive by jumping off, jumping out, swim out, crawl out, whatever other than staying still in one place.

Come on now, the captain or crew members of the ship, I hate to say this, but these lack of intelligent people should get hanged. Why telling the people to stay still don’t move? In a ship, it’s different from being on airplane up the air. In the ship if it begin to sink, evacuate immediately, everyone should have life vest jacket, just jump out, get to the nearest exit or emergecy escape window, you will live, you will float, staying inside you will get suffocated and died a miserable death. The people whom ran this ferry boat seriously are responsible for the death of many in case and should get hanged, and everyone whom tied to this Ferry operations such as the company, and more.