leonardo “You are great” feedback from one blog follower

First I would like to thanks leo for taking the time to respond to my blog. This is what keeping me motivated. I know that I blog fast, and sometime I don’t proof read or even read it again for that matter. I just typed and click on Publish to the categories I feel most appropriate. I do understand that most people would high recommend to proof read in order to have quality contents.

The reason I didn’t proof read was merely because I wouldn’t think I have much followers or people reading my blog. Most comments or contents I have are just sharing my thoughts, my surprises and feedback to certain things and events. You know what they say “it’s better to keep it out than in” basically meaning, if you have anger inside you, speak to someone about it, voice your opinion, let it out, otherwise it will impact your health dramatically. So this is a good place where I can voice my opinions in all. I keep myself as private, as anonymous as possible, but I blog from my own words, I don’t copy other people’s contents and definitely I stick with facts rather fictions. If I don’t know, I say don’t know, whether it’s speculation, or what people says, I will mention it. Lying is bad, honesty is the best policy, and it will go a long way.

OK so back to the respond I received from leo. Awesome! I totally agreed with you on the HYIP related scam. The only people making money are the “ADMINS : who created the hyips  E-CURRENCY : which get fees  HYIP MONITOR : that are all corrupt” This is very true, many people who try to outsmart these HYIP will loose eventually, some think they can invest $500, and get $100 then quit, then go to the next HYIP and do the same thing, well guess what? they’re connected and perhaps the same people ran multiple HYIP so they know where you’re from and how much you make so far.

I will take your feedback in regard to long posts, and big grammar problem, I will try to improve definitely. I will try to proofread or use ms word to do spell check and grammars. I haven’t done this for a long time. English obviously many people know is my second language, if it was my first language then I wouldn’t have so much problem with grammars and spelling. I don’t feel shame, because I know more languages than others :), in fact I’m pride to know more than one languages.

I checked out your blog. http://learnenglishinfunway.blogspot.it/ very cool blog, your contents tied to your blog name. I’m learning English, so your site might be beneficial to me 🙂 I will visit frequently.

Name: leonardo
Subject: You are great
Message: Hello man , I don\’t know who you are or where you from , but you are great , I like follow your blog , you are the only one that say the true about all these ponzi schemes , I have give up with play in the hyip because there are no way to outsmart it , the only people who make money from hyip are :

ADMINS : who created the hyips

E-CURRENCY : which get fees

HYIP MONITOR : that are all corrupt

HYIP WEBSITES : where people would have you believe that you can outsmart it and moreover give you some tricks for do it , but the true is that these tricks don\’t work because hyip admins read these website and they adobt the right countermeasures.

The rest of the people lose money.
I lost 600$ in the hyip game, it\’s enough for me.
Hyip wearing any kind of masks , could be a CPU sharing like coin generation/ipus service or also a business market like genius capitalist , doesn\’t matter whatever mask it wear , are all pyramid sistems.
There are many scam promoter that pushing these shit in their website.

By the way I like your work , I got your example and started to open a blog me too , not about HYIP , lol , it\’s a blog where I share my experience about how I learned english without any teachers and never put a foot in any english country , so , just I stopped to try make money by hyip fraud , I will make money from my passions , from my creativeness , I opened the blog three weeks ago , it\’s only a passion for me , but if in the future I will able to earn some money from it should be great.

We can send us a mutual feedback about how we could improve our blogs ?
Reading to blog I get the impressions that you can improve it with these advices :

1 just like me, you need to improve your english grammar , lol

2 probably your pages are too long , take too much time for scrolling it , you should add a interval
\” read more \” in your longer posts.

Anyway this is my blog http://learnenglishinfunway.blogspot.it/
Let me know how I could improve it

Have a nice day….