[Paying] IPUservices.com launching its live production software for users to make money this week

This week IPUservices.com will be releasing its production live software and users to make money. A lot of questions raised, but hopefully the company make commitment and deliver what its promised. This IPUservices.com is much better than coingeneration.com or even coinbeez.com. IPUservices.com, people are not required to spend any money at all to make money, although get paid small but better than nothing, better than gomezpeer for sure. Coingeneration.com and coinbeez.com are pretty much the same, its uses the same concept. Coingeneration.com already a SCAM, coinbeez if anyone get into it better to get in and out fast, calculate the ROI, then do not invest further, if you want to continue to invest then invest only with money you profit.

The good news so far with IPUservices.com is they have been paying and not even went LIVE yet. The payments were to members that purchased Division Manager Account $150, and then when their referrals purchased Division manager also, they get paid $50 commission, and that’s how those people are making money getting paid by IPUservices.com prior to golive, and off course after golive also. For standard users, they can make money based on their computers resources IDLE speed, average $1 to $2 a day. The only fall back is that you must make $50 in order to withdraw, so if you make $1 a day, it would take you 50 days to withdraw cash, calendar day by the way, not necessary business day. I have faith with this new program. I will surely update as new news developed.