Tourist must be vigilant when tour in Vietnam things to watch out for

The latest news published by one of the Vietnamese newspaper TuoiTre, indicated that many tourist, mostly foreigner visited Vietnam today and earlier this year 2013 and probably will extend toward the following year, will noticed that there are problems for them in Vietnam. Take a few examples: I would not use the word harassment in this case, but although it seems like it, a tourist was looking for to buy a hat, saw  a little boy selling it, the tourist decided to buy, but the boy took advantage and selling it a very high price but the tourist does not like to negociate but the boy being rude and kept on harrassing the tourist racial slur and even foul languages, this has been happenings and continue to get worst in almost all regions of Vietnam for tourist. Another  example, up a famous hill somewhere in Vietnam, now enforced tourist must paid money or buy tickets in order to take any pictures, if not the security person working there will yell and point finger again harrasing the visitors to stop and in bad manner, unprofessional, and yes indeed continue to happen and getting worst in Vietnam, not a pretty image for tourist. The famous of them all is, poor people from rural regions of Vietnam or basically the poor trying to make a living selling what they have at tourist beach, but if were caught by security will get punished, sometime being chased, beat and yelled at, in front of many tourist, however this could be good for tourist because the food or whatever these mobile sellers probably not being inspected properly or approved for that matters, could case a threats to tourist if eaten.

tourist being harassed in Vietnam sometime bullied by merchants and security guard of the park

tourist in Vietnam are being yelled at and harassed by guard for simply taking pictures at a park where are all the good manners? is this how Vietnam treat the tourist?