Was the news in regard deep-web $12 million worth of Bitcoin disappeared sends Bitcoin price down?

If you’ve been following Bitcoin news, you will notice news about deep-web, to be honest, I don’t really know what deep-web but I’m guessing another of those crypto currencies related website off course. This deep-web operators disappeared with $12 million worth of Bitcoin, whether it’s cash or Bitcoin 100% I don’t know. All I know is that the news released and the price of Bitcoin tumbled, dropped from almost $300 down to 250 as low as 249 the same day.

However the same daym Bitcoin recovered a bit to upper 250s and now 260s, that’s pretty recovery. So as we can see, now Bitcoin does react to news related to it. The past few weeks, Bitcoin price shy from reaching $300 with just a couple dollars, at one point was $299. $1000 is just way to far away! but wait! if we look back 2-3 years ago, Bitcoin was at $50, and we though it’s highest ever, then it jumped to $100, then eventually to $1000 within just a couple of months, then it started to declined, indeed it was a bubble.

So bubble had been over for quite sometime now, and we still don’t know the norm. price at the moment, most though it was at $500, then some say $1000, then many say $100. Bitcoin never meant to go up that fast that high, it was a bubble waiting to get pop and off course at volatile stage. Look like the norm is $200-$500

Well as many guess the average Bitcoin will hit $1000 again is within 2-3 years, I think it’s an optimistic prediction, guesstimate.