What do you think of the new Apple iPhone 5C?

Made of plastic case? smaller? and look like iPhone 3G in picture because of the shape, but a closer look at it, it’s similar to the iphone 4 and 5. The iPhone is a bit different. OK so why small? Well, there is a Chinese version of the iphone, and yes it’s legitimate iphone, not fake, but they tried to target China, by making it cheaper, less expensive for user to pay? – Well so far people reaction was that making it cheaper, less expensive also lessen the quality and as a result will probably not going to work well, people rather pay for a normal size, high quality brand Apple than cheaper version even from Apple because now we’re talking discrimination against the poor, so basically if you’re poor then you buy Chinese version iPhone 5C and if you’re rich then you would have a full size iPhone 5

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